No Joining Fee, Eat Supa Vite Plus & Be Healthy! Sell Supa Vite & Be Wealthy!

SupaVite is a Direct Sales Company Specialising in the Manufacture, Marketing and Distribution of Healthy Food.

SupaVite Compensation Plan

SupaVite Compensation Plan is one of the most generous in the Direct Selling Industry.
It consists of several ways to get paid. That’s what makes it so effective and why it has set an industry standard.
As a SupaVite Distributor, you have the opportunity to build and expand your Distributor organisation in South Africa.

Personal Sales Profit

Choosing To Become a SupaVite Distributor

Choosing to Become a SupaVite Distributor means you are ready to Take Control of Your Financial Future Today, once and for all!

  • Buy SupaVite Plus Boxes [2 kg] at R500 Each.
  • Each SupaVite Box has 40 (50g) Sachets in it.
  • Sell Each Sachet at R20.
  • You Will Make R300 Pure Profit! [R20×40=R800-R500= R300]

If You Bought and Sold 9 SupaVite Plus Boxes Every Month, You Would Make a Profit of R2, 700, Just From Your Personal Sales Only!

Become a SupaVite Distributor Today!

Direct & Indirect Referral Commissions

Recruiting is 100% Optional, However, It is 100% Recommended. As a SupaVite Distributor, You Can Just Buy & Sell SupaVite Products and Make Profit from Your Personal Sales Only.

But If You Want To Make More Money and Help Other People Change Their Health & Financial Future Too, Use Your SupaVite Referral Link To Register Them as SupaVite Distributors Too. Educate Your Downlines About The SupaVite Plus Products, Teach Them How the SupaVite Business Work, also Encourage Them To Attend Live SupaVite Presentations & Events.

When Your Downlines Buy and Sell SupaVite Products & Teach Others To Do The Same (this is called Duplication), Just Like You Taught Them, SupaVite will Reward You As Follows:

SupaVite Uses a 6×6 Matrix

For Each Box Purchased by Your Generation, You Get a Commission Per Box as Follows...

  • 1st Generation R100,04
  • 2nd Generation R50,02
  • 3rd Generation R20,01
  • 4th Generation R4,85
  • 5th Generation R3,14
  • 6th Generation R0,86
  • 7th Generation R0,71

6x6 Matrix Briefly Explained

You Need To Recruit 6 People Who Would Register Directly Under You. 
– This is Your 1st Level Generation. You Now Have a Team of 6 Members.

Teach Those 6 People To Recruit Their 6 People and Register Directly Under Them.
– This is Your 2nd Level Generation. You Now Have a Team of 36 Members. [6×6 = 36]

NB: You and Your Team Members Should Buy, Eat, & Sell at least 9 SupaVite Plus Boxes EVERY MONTH in order to Stay ACTIVE and Be Eligible for ALL Referral Commissions and Bonuses Offered by SupaVite.

SupaVite Cucess Formula

Rank #1 Strategy

  • The target for your Total Network is 54 Boxes or R27, 000 Team Sales in a Month.
  • You buy 9 Boxes as a Leader. Lead by good example. 
  • Find 6 or more Business Partners. They need to buy 9 Boxes too, or they can recruit their own 6 people.
  • By the end of that month, you and your Team should have sold a Total of 54 boxes or more.
  • It gets more interesting when your own 6 people do what you are doing this month. Motivate and Support your Team!

– Buying 9 SupaVite Plus boxes a month guarantees VOLUME & STOKVEL Bonus.
-Selling ALL 9 SupaVite Plus boxes gives you R2, 700 Profit!

Get Once-Off Bonus Rewards

How Do We Make Money At SupaVite?

  • Through Retailing (Selling) the SupaVite Plus Product.
  • Level-Based Commissions:
    – Based on the percentage of purchases made by your Team from the 1st generation to the 7th. These commissions are paid out at the beginning of the month before the 7th of each month.
  • Volume Bonus:
    – On top of your commissions, you will receive R1 (One Rand) for every box purchased by your downlines. This commission is paid out along with your commissions. 
    – EXAMPLE: If your Total Team Sales is 4000 Boxes, you will receive a bonus of R4000 that month. 
    – REMEMBER: To qualify for this bonus, you need to buy 9 SupaVite Plus boxes monthly, without fail.
  • Stokvel Bonus:
    – The SupaVite Company will double the Monthly Volume Bonus by paying another R1 (One Rand) for every box purchased by your Downline. This commission is paid out Annually within 30 days after the Viter’s Global Awards (VGA)
    – REMEMBER: To qualify for this bonus, you need buy, eat, & sell 9 SupaVite Plus boxes monthly without skipping any month. Skip a month, you will forfeit this bonus!
  • Once-Off Rewards: 
    – For every Level of Success you reach, you will get Once-Off Rewards, see the details in the below section…

Embrace The Power Of SupaVite!

Once-Off Rank Rewards

Moving to the next level is not determined by people you have introduced personally, but by number of boxes bought by you and your team, this includes boxes bought by generation 1-7. (Number of boxes on that particular month.)

  • *Rank #1 – Eagle*
    – Requirement of 54 Boxes
    – R1 000 Bonus
  • *Rank #2 – Dolphin*
    – Requirement of 324 Boxes
    – R5 000 Bonus
  • *Rank #3 – MeerKat*
    – Requirement of 1944 Boxes
    – Branch Operator + R20 000 Cash
    – R20 Per Box Collected
    – National Trip For Two
  • *Rank #4 – Honey Bee*
    – Requirement of 11, 664 Boxes
    – R50 000 cash
    – National Trip For Two + Six Team Leaders
  • *Rank #5 – Leopard*
  • – Requirement of 69, 984 Boxes
    – Vehicle worth R400 000 + R50 000 cash and
    – International Trip for Two + 12 Team Leaders (R20 000 Cash for each leader)
  • *Rank #6 – Elephant*
    – Requirement of 419, 904 Boxes
    – House worth 2.5 Million + R250 000 Cash and
    – International Trip with 24 Top Team Leaders (with R50 000 for each leader)
  • *Rank #7 – Lion*
    – Requirement of 2 519 424
    – 2.5 Million Vehicle + 5.5 Million House plus…
    – Overseas Trip with family members + 36 team leaders (with R100, 000 for each leader)

The above are Bonuses that you get on Top of your Monthly Earnings/Commission & Profit.

You can achieve to Rank-Up as quickly as you would like, depending how hard you work.
Realistically, you could achieve Rank #2 – Dolphin in 1-2 Months which is a good start.
We have Viters who achieved Rank #3 – MeerKat in less than few months.

“Supa Vite is a company that I highly recommend for those who are interested in multiple income streams. Having been with Supa Vite since January 2018, I have gained more than I’d imagined”
Thabile Buthelezi
TV Personality, Business Woman, & "Viter"
"SupaVite values it’s Distributors while empowering them and their communities. The fact that they give back 10% to the community is incredible. "
Musa "TheGiant!" 👑
CryptoPreneur, Web Designer, & "Viter"
"I eat SUPA-VITE daily. It's so yummy 😋. It's doing a great job to my skin especially facial part. I used to have dark marks and blemishes. Now my skin is fine and even.”
Khanyi Mtshali
Civil Engineering Technician & "Viter"

SupaVite Creates Business Opportunities and Employment To Ordinary People Who Are Seeking Ways To Improve Their Lifestyle And Achieve Financial Freedom.

Live The Life You Have Always Wanted!!!

With Supavite, you are in the driving seat of YOUR LIFE!!!
Results are dependent only on your personal effort, and our members have the power back in their hands.

Supa-Vite Creates Business Opportunities and Employment to Ordinary People who Are Seeking Ways To Improve Their Lifestyle and Achieve Financial Freedom.

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